Garbage Flowers by Eric Lewis Garbage Flowers by Eric Lewis  

Found Object Sculpture
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Garbage Flowers Book
Garbage Flowers Book

Eco-Friendly Furniture and Functional Art

Fine Art by Environmental Artist, Eric Lewis

I've been making things out of garbage my entire life.
For example, this toy tobacco pipe I made in kindergarten:

The Early Work of Eric Lewis

To this day, for me, it is the ultimate form of alchemy - using our most worthless, problematic materials to create products with functional and symbolic value.

It's crucial that the garbage remain recognizable as what it once was. This way, the object tells its own story - a longer and invariably richer one than that of anything made from virgin materials. The potential for symbolism and the unexpected becomes boundless.

Saved by Eric Design looks for maximum transformation from minimum alteration. This equation promotes simplicity of design, keeps manufacturing costs low, and helps the environment.

I could never sell enough of my chairs or Garbage Flowers to put a dent in the size of our landfills. But I hope that my whimsical resourcefulness will inspire more efficient (less wasteful) ways of living, and thereby improve humanity's long-term odds of survival.

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